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The Smallest Theatre in the World

Umbria has the cutest little theatre you can imagine. It’s the smallest theatre not in terms of number of available seats but because it is the smallest architectonic representation of the typical Italian theatre of the 700th century. It is the typical teatro all’italiana in Goldioni style.

Teatro Concordia is both a cultural and an asthetic delight.

It was built by a bunch of rich families during the occupation of Napoleon and it officially opened in 1808.

As you can imagine, the name “smallest theatre on earth” sparks considerable controversy. as many other theatres around the world claim the same record.

Impressive affreschi decorate the ceiling of this marvellous theatre.

However, only Concordia is the true and faithful model of the great Italian and Europeans theatres. Here is why:

It has a bell-shaped floor plan, a proscenium. Fresco decorations embellish ceiling and walls and the foyer, dressing rooms, a meeting room, a grand staircase entrance, a lobby, a ticket booth…


All the classic architectural elements of the “Italian theater” are here, thrown together in the cutest mini teeny tiny scale.

Teatro della Concordia has 99 seats squeezed in 68 square metres and the stage measures 50 metres with a foyer of about 30 metres.

I am on stage to give you an idea of how petit it really is.



The theatre is in the heart of the small town of Montecastello di Vibio, a small town raising on the right side of the Tiber Valley, not far from Todi.


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