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Who is Stanito?

I’m a girl with a life built on adventures and decided to create a space where I could tell you about the amazing and most unusual travel adventures I enjoy every year 🙂

Through this blog I will tell you all about traveling to misunderstood places, countries that you never hear or read about, dwellings where superstitions play a key role, mythological spots where amazing things allegedly happened, mysterious regions and the discovery of great gems 🙂

Stanito and North Korean soldier at the DMZ: Demilitarised Zone divind North from South Korea.

I write and display my articles and photos two times a week and occasionally I am advertised on magazines, newspapers, travel websites and radio stations.

Born in 1983, I am an Italian-Chilean travel writer who began traveling as a little child mainly in Latin America and Europe and flew for the first time alone across the Atlantic at the age of 5. Even though I was very young, I had tremendous fun on an airplane alone.

I’ve always been exposed to different cultures given my mixed background and having my family relatives spread a bit all over the world.

My biggest passion: the obscure

Since I was a kid I have been interested in those countries and places that sounded mysterious, strange and hidden, their culture, history and traditions. This is how my passion for dictatorships and unrecognised countries started. I’ve always felt that those countries that are very much advertised and commercialised have simply too much information already published, so many books on them, so many guides. Take Italy, for example, and take Rome spefically: you will find tons of guide-books on Rome alone covering basically everything: culinary tours, ruins, vineyards, parks, clubs, you name it. The range of things still to be discovered grows narrower and narrower to the point where it is increasingly hard to find an off the beaten path’s spot. There still are, but they’re more challenging to find.

Whenever I have free time I just go on the internet  and start researching on new different concepts: micronations, unrecognised territories, disputed land, dictatorships. Now, dictatorships are my biggest interest and surely one of the most untapped travel resources just because of the name they bare.

Dictatorships are always different because their rulers always make up their own supreme rules (did you know that in Turkmenistan it was illegal to rquest scrambled eggs at restaurants until few years ago?) and such make the country a lot more curious and fun to explore. So far I have been able to visit North Korea, the Republic of Molossia and Iran (some people might disagree with Iran even being one but you have to consider that its ruler, Rurollah Khomeini, represents the absolute authority in any sphere, thus making it a dictatorship). And there are plenty more to discover…

Where I am

Left Mexico. At the moment I’m on a Shinkansen train, exploring the remoteness of Japan, diving deep into the off the beaten paths of this wonderful country…

I love interacting and sharing opinions, stories, curiosities, leave comments and you’ll always hear back from me.

You can find me everywhere 🙂 on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, you name it 🙂

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